Side Effects

Chemotherapy Side Effects

As someone living with stage 4 colon cancer, sometimes referred to as metastatic colon cancer I perhaps have more insight into the side effects of chemotherapy as a patient than most.

I’ve been having treatment since the 4th February 2019, having a total of 32 treatment sessions these have normally happened every two weeks, however, I’ve had a number of breaks of my own choosing and a longer break enforced by coronavirus.

That longer break of three months turned out not to be as disastrous as I feared, my tumours or lesions remained stable over the break and the side effects I suffered from after 25 cycles of treatment almost completely cleared. All that I had left was some neuropathy in my feet.

The lockdown here in the UK unwittingly returned my body to normal.

So what can I say about a break? Don’t fear one it might be good for you.

What I would say is that cancer and its treatment feels like trial and error although that error might prove fatal, so far I’ve been lucky, well excluding the fact that cancer isn’t lucky.

However, remember that these are my experiences and yours may well vary.


That First Post

One of the things I was considering writing about is my experiences with cancer which I’ve been writing about in my personal journal but in reality, I’ve managed to turn cancer into a dullness nothing much generally happens I trundle along the tumours shrink a little but they’re still with me.

I have a scan coming up tomorrow my first since my treatment restarted after the Covid break. Oh let your eyes glaze over as I relate I had a scan before the treatment restart which showed my tumours hadn’t grown in the three months without treatment good news, so of course, we’re hoping for something better after this round of treatments.

See all pretty dull.